Cash Management


Cash Management allows your business to conveniently originate electronic debits and/or credits.

Features & Benefits

  • Available through Business Online Banking
  • Direct deposit of your employee payroll
  • Optional imports of ACH files from your accounting/payroll software
  • Make and receive vendor payments 24/7, electronically
  • Cash concentration capabilities; consolidate funds from multiple accounts into one central deposit account
  • Easier collections of accounts receivable; debit customer accounts to collect recurring membership dues, rent, installment payments, etc.
  • Efficient and accurate processing
  • Streamline recordkeeping
  • Eliminates waste and expense of paper checks

Heightened Security

Grant authority levels to multiple users in your business — each with their own personalized security settings and capabilities. Each user will create a secure ID and PIN that will be used along with an individual bank-issued security token. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing or downloading your personal information.  Please see the bank's New Account personnel to apply today.


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